Friday, July 27, 2012

Uhuru cloud hosting experience

I was invited by uhurucloud to test their service in order to get 1 year free hosting. So here it is:

  1. After creating my account and logging in there was the admin panel:
  2. When I decided to add new app there was the first suprise:
  3. There are very few options, and there is no Drupal :(

  4. I read some documentation and watched the video, and decided to make WordPress app, to get PHP and MySQL.
  5. Now I got 2 services:
  6. But when they were clicked nothing happened. Now I was back in documentation and realized that I can use visual studio plugin, mmc app or console access.

  7. I am a Linux user so I expected to have some sort of SSH shell access and jumped to console part. There is no Linux support, just instructions on how to install ruby on Mac and Windows and admin api. Great :(
  8. Now I will get my wife's PC to try MMC console. After sucessfuly installing .NET framework and starting the app, I sucessfully connected to service.
  9. Console is quite nice but useless. Only thing I could do was start/stop service, browse files(not upload them), open tunnels, with very little instruction on how to use them ...
  10. At this point I give up. There is no way I can even start to use the service.

    What is missing?

    • To have even the most simple Drupal site I need console access with full drush support, git, ability to download modules etc.
    • Simple way of uploading files (sftp,ftps ...)
    • For corporate use (to have something similar to our production) cloud must provide full Linux environment with root access in order to install all the necessary packages, set up environment, configure load balancers, reverse proxy etc.

Please not that cloud is at testing stage and services will improve.